What is the importance of Premium CBD Tea?

The CBD industry has grown tremendously during the last five years. With as many brands and companies as you can think, finding the best quality CBD products can be a challenging task. Similar to other industries, the quality of the products is not the same in every brand. You may find yourself in a learning curve to find the right product that fits your needs and budget while meeting the best industry standards.

There are many things to consider when choosing the best CBD and Hemp products; they are;

  1. Hemp source: Hemp plants that are grown in the US and the EU are reliable since there are higher levels of quality control, do not contain GMOs, and do not contain THC above 0.3%.
  2. Extract: There are three extract types – CBD isolates, full-spectrum cannabinoid blends, and broad-spectrum cannabinoid extracts. CBD isolates contain only CBD and no other plant material or phytonutrients. The other two contain all of the different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and essential oils. Broad-spectrum extracts do not contain THC which can be found in full-spectrum extracts.
  3. Potencies: The higher the potency of the CBD, the higher is efficiency. Usually measured in milligrams, potency variations of a CBD brand can offer a more flexible means to adjust the dosage for the user. While higher potency variances can give you a boost, the lower and mid-potencies can offer the user more flexibility with adjusting dosages.
  4. Size: CBD and hemp products offer oils in 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml. This allows for the user to adjust the dosages as needed. 1000mg oils 900 mg premium hemp oil capsules are available as well.
  5. Taste: The flavor and aroma of the CBD oil should be considered as most are sublingual. The more enjoyable the taste and smell, the more likely you will be to use the products.
  6. Ingredients: Good-quality ingredients are important in any consumable good; that includes medicine, food supplements, or wellness products. Ingredients can influence the effects on the body. Natural, organic ingredients have a healthier effect on the body than that of artificial chemicals.
  7. Lab testing: Lab testing conducted by an unbiased, independent agency can invoke your sense of trust as the consumer. The third-party lab can impartially test the products for their safety, quality, and contents.
  8. Brand reputation, transparency, and customer service should also be considered.

Brand reputation is only as good as its customer satisfaction. If customers are pleased with the quality, results, and safety of a product, they are more likely to become repeat customers and will tell others about their experiences. Transparency and customer service are also to be considered when choosing the best CBD and hemp products. The products may be top-notch, customer service cannot lack in any way. Company transparency shows the consumer that the company is trustworthy in their practices and procedures and creates a relationship with you, their customer, of trust.

Additionally, you as the consumer should educate yourself on the company’s return and refund policies. They should be user friendly and should consider a person’s chronic health and financial position as well as their service as veterans and military personnel.

Lastly, consider the company website. The company website should be easy to navigate and should guide you to the best options for your needs.

With so many brands of CBD products are the market, it is important to consider all of these aspects when making such a purchase.

Premium CBD is a category that involves the quality of the process from harvesting to packaging. The chemicals and ingredients used in the process may be key to the quality of the product and also the strength in benefits. Companies like Colorado Blossom is known for creating a natural process through sustainable farming and 100% organic growing practices. They are proud to provide their customers with authentic natural remedies. Colorado Blossom is continually complimented on the quality of its products and has developed a strong reputation in the CBD marketplace.

One of the most popular CBD Premium products they offer is the CBD Hemp Tea, an almost artisanal product, made from premium hemp flowers. This is one of the products changing the industry, not only because of the quality of the product but also for its many benefits. Colorado Blossom CBD Hemp Tea is

  • Caffeine Free
  • 40-60mg CBD per tea bag
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Now legal across all 50 states
  • Free of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • Independent 3rd party laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 12 tea bags per package

Many of their regular customers have expressed an overall “well-being” while using the tea daily. Some even expressed a boost in their immune system, and other benefits including better sleep, reducing stress, and helping ease pain related to several conditions including diabetes, digestive inflammation, and spinal cord injury. It is estimated that about 20 million diabetic patients suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy leading them to seek alternative methods of treatment.

From their professionally designed website to their premium teas and oils, with Colorado Blossom, you will not be disappointed. The products offered are grown and harvested in the United States, in the beautiful state of Colorado. Their customer service combined with quality products makes Colorado Blossom the right choice and your only choice for Premium CBD and hemp products.

If you are looking for a premium hemp product that you can consume daily as a natural solution for your overall “well-being,” visit, click on benefits to discover for yourself the many ways in which Premium CBD products can help you enjoy a better quality life; from heart and brain health to asthma, eyes, and cancer.

Be sure to read the blogs and testimonials and remember to subscribe to receive the latest updates and customer specials. With any CBD and Hemp products, it is important to be well informed before consumption. It is best to seek the advice of a well-informed medical professional if you have any pre-existing or chronic health conditions.


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