How CBD Rich Hemp Tea may help boost the immune system and fight flu symptoms?

The dreaded flu and cold season are upon us. While we do our best to keep from catching a cold or the flu, there are no guarantees that we will not get sick. Imagine walking the isles of your local drug store searching the shelves for something to bring relief to your stuffy nose, sore throat, fever, and aching body.

From grandma’s chicken soups to hot drinks like tea, there is no shortage of home remedies and over-the-counter medicines used for the cold and flu. They are known as the most popular options for getting through the painful and annoying symptoms associated with the common cold and flu. While grandma’s love and chicken soup are great, sometimes we need just a little more to get us back to health.  Besides, who wants to spend the holiday season on the couch wrapped in a blanket with a runny nose, body aches, and a cough? With the many over-the-counter flu medications to choose from, many of them have adverse side effects, cause drowsiness, and are not the best tasting. The burning sensation can lead to acid reflux as well as potential damage to the liver. Sleep is one of the best remedies that aids in the healing of the body and the best way to fall asleep is by natural resources. A warm cup of tea may ease some of the symptoms of a cold and the flu; including a runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chills, and tiredness. Adding not any warm cup of tea but adding a tea, like CBD Rich hemp tea may help loosen secretions in the chest and sinuses while hydrating your body and boost your immune system. Most people report that discomfort of the flu is not just the body aches but also find it difficult to get a good-quality rest due to excessive coughing, a runny or stuffed nose which is caused by secretions and inflammation in the nasal pathways.

CBD has a powerful anti-inflammatory property that can help you feel better.  CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help:

    • Ease sinus pressure and headaches
    • Soothe body aches and pains
    • Reduce nausea
    • Calm a persistent cough

While there is no clear-cut evidence that using CBD products can prevent you from catching a cold or the flu; however, there is sufficient prove that shows a reduction in symptoms and recovery time. There is inconclusive research to prove that CBD can cure the flu; however, there are sufficient testimonials of its benefits in aiding recovering time, easing body aches, as well as aid in getting that much-needed rest your body needs.

Why wait for the symptoms of a cold or flu to take care of your health? For those who love tea not only as a healthy lifestyle but also to feel better during those times of sickness, Hemp tea could be a great compliment to your life.

For many, adding the benefits of CBD to their daily living is just an added value. Other than the potential benefits to ease cold and flu symptoms. Many people claim that there was a calming effect as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety, and experienced better sleep.

Whether you are looking to just enjoy a hot drink or maybe you are looking for a hot drink that can bring added health benefits, CBD products, such as teas could be a great addition to your daily routine.

One of the most recommended brands in CBD Rich Hemp Tea is Colorado Blossom. Colorado Blossom offers a wide variety of premium CBD products including tea bags, flowers, oils, and many more. All of their products are carefully manufactured and naturally grown in Elizabeth, Colorado. Our premium tea contains:

  • 12 Tea Bags
  • Caffeine Free
  • 40-60mg CBD per tea bag
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Now legal across all 50 states
  • Free of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • Independent 3rd party laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

Premium Hemp tea is not only beneficial during the cold and flu season, but it is also beneficial to your overall health and well-being. It provides a calming effect without adverse stimuli while boosting your mood and management of stress. With the many stressors in the world and in your personal life, the added benefit of adding CBD products to your daily life can help manage your response to stress triggers. Stress has been known to lower the immune system and weaken the body’s ability to fight off various illnesses. According to (2019), “Ongoing, chronic stress, however, can cause or exacerbate many serious health problems, including, “Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, and stroke.”

Additionally, according to Touro University Worldwide (2016),

“High levels of cortisol can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly. Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. Chronic stress has a shrinking effect on the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.” The article states that the most common stressors for most Americans are money and their jobs as well as the responsibilities of caring for their family, personal health condition, health condition of a loved one, and the economy.

These stressors seem to become more challenging during the holiday seasons which is directly in line with cold and flu season. The added stressors of the holiday season can weaken your immune system and can potentially increase your risk of contracting a cold or even the flu. Adding Premium Hemp tea to your daily life should be a top priority no matter what time of the year or the season. Prevention is often said to be worth more than an ounce of cure. Reducing stress is essential in your overall health and clarity of mind.

Whether you are new to the world of CBD and hemp products or are a CBD and hemp expert, we invite you to visit our online store at

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