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Customer Review - Helen - Colorado Blossom

I re-injured my torn ligament a few months ago and the pain was unbearable! I can't use ibuprofen do to my medical history, so not a whole lot of options left for me. A friend recommended CBD oil to me and it worked great! Can have a little earthy taste to it, but chasing it down with OJ helps.

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Helen Bartender
Customer Review - Ana - Colorado Blossom

I worked in the medical field for 20+ years, so being skeptical of alternative medicine like hemp is almost a job requirement. My daughter finally convinced me to try CBD for my osteoarthritis and it is one of the best pain relievers I've tried!

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Ana Nurse
Customer Review - Bryan - Colorado Blossom

I can't function without CBD. Two knee surgeries and a fractured back, daily migraines and plenty of vicodin Pain was excruciating and eventually I had to stop taking vicodin and deal with the pain. CBD saved me! I take 600mg a day of CBD, works like a charm and it doesn't get in the way of other heart medication I use. I can walk without pain, climb stairs, even started riding horses again! Downside is that every now and then I get sleepy in the middle of the day.

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Bryan Cattle Rancher
Customer Review - Ryan - Colorado Blossom

Love this stuff! Being active with rheumatoid arthritis is a struggle, CBD is my answer to it. I'm skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer without pain.

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Ryan Business Owner
Customer Review - Victor - Colorado Blossom

Amazing for back pain, muscle soreness and sleeping like a baby! I hurt my back through CrossFit (deadlifts) and the only way I could cope with the pain and continue to workout was with CBD. I take it at night sometimes and don't wake up until the alarm clock.

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Victor Construction Manager
Customer Review - Merrie - Colorado Blossom

It is incredible! Since trying one bottle a few months ago I've tried many other brands, and none of them worked like Colorado Blossom It's truly a miracle for me. I've suffered from insomnia for years since having kids, and nothing at all worked (even prescription meds). But your CBD oil completely changed my life. I haven't slept this well in literally 12 years. It's been an absolute life saver.

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CBD a natural solution. Recommended to help ease the diabetic nerve pain.

CBD a natural solution, Recommended to help ease the diabetic nerve pain

In the United States, it is estimated that about 20 million diabetic patients suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy, mostly
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